My story

Heavily affected by the corona crisis, event location Huiskamer De Groote Sociëteit was without a future perspective. But times of uncertainty call for creative solutions and the idea quickly arose to set up an exclusive cocktail club: a corona proof concept, fitting in the characteristic monumental building. The course was definitively changed and in just 3 weeks the business was completely transformed: from concept and name to the furniture and the menu. Cocktail Club De Baron was born!

Come for a visit and enjoy a drink and a drink in a special 18th-century decor at the Vrijthof in Maastricht. Sit back in one of the velvet armchairs and marvel at the high Victorian ceilings, chandeliers and ornaments.

Cocktail Club De Baron is a tribute to Hobbe Esaias, the Baron of Aylva who lived between 1696 and 1772. As a leading soldier in the northern Netherlands, he had a major influence on developments within the city of Maastricht and was also Governor of Maastricht. In 1760 he was the founder of De Groote Sociëteit (La Grande Société de Maestricht), one of the first men’s societies in the Netherlands and still located in the building of De Baron.

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